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But other girls are pretty and funny and smart. 
And they lift all your thoughts from your dick to your heart. 
They can talk about science, music, or art. 
They can put you together or they can pull you apart. 
But don’t trust these women, don’t, don’t you dare. 
They’ll force you to trust them and love them and care. 
And then they’ll be gone and then you’ll be aware of that hole in your heart

That that dumb slut left there.


  • Imogen:

    "That's your weapon of choice?"

  • Fiona:

    *Holding an umbrella* "You have a lamp!"

  • Fiona and Imogen trying to defend themselves from Eli and Adam breaking in.

  • -Degrassi:

    The Next Generation Season 11 Episode 39 -Need You Now Part 2 9Minutes 10Seconds

Online Shopping Anonymous

I have 20 Amazon Wish lists. All filled with 50-200 items. I only have 1 Walmart Wish list, because Walmart is updating their website and fucking shit up so I can’t seperate what I want from the christmas gifts I want to get other people. I use Google Shopping waay more than I care to admit. I don’t even have the money to buy even one thing from any list. I’m flat broke. At least I orientate for work today.
- Realityandallweeverdreamed

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